Mabiani, a long-term established leather-good specialist, operates the International relaunch of its eponymous brand.
Dignitary of the Made in Italy since 1986, the manufacture collaborates with major International Luxury Houses and is recognized for its unique know-how.
Mixing traditional leather work and new technologies, Mabiani’s creativity arises from its highly qualified craftsmen and its exceptional leather and exotic skin selection.
Every piece is developed and produced in the headquarter located at San Daniele del Friuli, Italy. Real gem of Italian industrial estate, the factory’s exceptional architecture is the first source of inspiration of Mabiani design handbags.
Born in a family of shoe craftsmen for several generations, Mario Biasutti has always been inspired by leather and decided to launch his first leather-good brand in 1979.
The great success encountered pushed him to create his own production factory in 1986: Mabi International. With a perfect equilibrium between Italian traditional know-how and innovative technologies, Mabi is a supplier of Luxury Fashion brands specialized in high-quality handbags.
Founder, manager and designer of the brand, Mario Biasutti has decided to relaunch his
first brand Mabiani to make the most of his knowledge of leather and manufacturing expertise.
Breeding ground for creativity, San Daniele factory is where all sophisticated designs are brought to life.
The idea behind Mabiani handbags is to adorn women with elegant accessories without sacrificing comfort and practicality.
Geometrical lines, starting point of each creation, are inspired by the work of great architects of the 20th century.
Supple shapes, games of proportions and lightness flirt with sophistication to provide ideal daily-life partner to carry around through the day.

made in italy